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Coaching with Bonnie and Amy - Jun 01, 2021

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Jun 1 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
United States
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Crosstown Harmony Chorus is excited to be coached by co-directors of the Choral-Aires Chorus, Bonnie Fedyski and Amy Brinkman. They are sisters who have sung together since childhood and bring more than 50 years of experience to their leadership roles. Musical excellence and boundless energy make rehearsals, competitions, and performances an exhilarating experience. Amy and Bonnie bring out the best in every individual and challenge everyone to contribute personally and musically to the synergy of the chorus.

These fearless leaders are devoted to building the strong community that is evident in their chorus. This unique sisterhood helps make it possible for their chorus to be able to regularly compete at the international level against hundreds of choruses worldwide. We can't wait to see you!